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Welcome to TwoDo Salon

Quality, excellence, and integrity on the UWS

Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality hair salon services in a welcoming, relaxed space that is as personal as it is professional. 

A Great West Side Story
TwoDo Salon was established in 1994 when NY master hair colorist, Megan Gordon invited European master hair cutter, Dene O. to join her in creating a special, private space for her exclusive NYC clients on the UWS.

TwoDo started with 2 people doing hairdos.
From the beginning...
"Most Talented"

TwoDo was not like other NY salons. Soon after opening, Allure named Megan Gordon one of the "most talented colorists in the country" and American Salon named us Salon of the Month writing "vive la différence ...TwoDo pulls away from the pack", comparing us to well known midtown salons such as Pierre Michael, Frederic Fekkai and Minardi.

Within months of opening, Megan Gordon was discovered by Allure Magazine who named her one of the most talented hair colorists in the country.

Living Color

"No matter what kind of color you're after, Gordon works quickly... The experience is remarkably pleasant."

Fast forward to today...
Nationally Recognized

None of this went to our heads however. You still won't find overinflated egos or prices here. 


"We've always thought of ourselves as the glitz-free alternative to Madison Avenue, with the same exceptional service that such an address implies"  ~ Megan Gordon 

TwoDo was nationally recognized as Salon of the Month, a cozy, neighborhood salon that stands beside other top, international, Madison Avenue salons for it's unique style, character and high quality of work. 

vive la différence

"In New York's crowded field of salons,

TwoDo pulls away from the pack.

Exposed brick... and funky appeal.

American Salon-March-1995.png
Megan Gordon

Master Hair Colorist Megan Gordon creates gorgeous, luminescent hair for her clients on New York's Upper West Side. Named "One of the Most Talented Hair Colorists in The Country" by Allure Magazine, her easy-going, professional style, intuitive sense of color and precise knowledge in the art and science of hair coloring is legendary.


Megan specializes in color corrections, reparative treatments, multi-tonal gray formulations, keratin extensions, ombre colored hair, natural highlights, lowlights, and natural, volumizing hair extensions.

"My passion is to help women embrace their everyday beauty and to make the most of what they have naturally. Then, if more is needed or if my client desires, I like to build or enhance on that beauty, I'm also endlessly thrilled by makeovers, and most inspired when I see a satisfied smile on my client's face, because that means I've succeeded in earning their trust." ~ Megan Gordon

Work & Clients

As consummate professionals, TwoDo's team of hairdressers makes the work look easy, naturally putting you at ease with our attention to detail. And while helping you look and feel your best is a primary goal, we're also 100% committed to the health and welbeing of your hair and scalp.

"After so many years of experience in the field, I can honestly say that we brings a deep and unique understanding of the different stages women go through with their hair." ~ Megan Gordon

In Loving Memory of Guillaume Gignac

At 18 Megan's first job in a salon was at Guillaume Coiffure, on 55th Street off 5th Avenue. She worked for years as an apprentice for the owner, a French-Canadian, Master Stylist. "He was handsome, sophisticated, charming, and very talented. Guillaume was my first mentor who taught me what it meant to be a professional, and he taught me the value of taking special care of my clients. He will always be in my heart." ~ Megan Gordon

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